FIFA Coins Guide 2021 – How to get FUT coins – Free FIFA 21 Coins

FIFA 20 Coins Hack - How to earn coins fut coins 2020

This guide explains how to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here you will learn the best methods by which you will get the maximum amount of virtual currency in the shortest possible time without buying coins and points for real money in the game.

As you surely know, if you want to seriously compete in FIFA, you need the best way to earn coins. Without coins, you cannot buy cards or players on the transfer market, which will prevent your team from developing. The methods below will get you started earning coins.

Keeping an eye on the Daily and Weekly FUT Challenges

Completing ever-changing challenges is one of the simpler but also very effective methods of earning coins, which will guarantee you a constant flow of cash. Keep track of the challenges and remember your goals as you play matches. Winning is not always compatible with completing a challenge, but whenever possible you should try.

Win matches in Squad Battles

In Squad Battles, your team competes against teams of players from around the world. Winning matches will guarantee you a really big money flow. However, you must remember that the task is not easy, because in this mode players put together really powerful squads, often with the greatest football stars. Meetings are held offline.

FIFA Points

By playing selected FIFA 21 modes – apart from FUT, also a manager or player career – you will earn points that you can then spend on selected prizes. The new celebrations and other options may be tempting, but if you want Ultimate Team, it’s best to buy coins for this variant of the game. To enter the store, from the main screen of the game, press the right analog button.

Selling unnecessary cards

Trading footballer cards in the transfer market have been one of the best ways to earn money in the FIFA series for years. Getting started can be difficult, of course, as you start with bronze player cards, but as soon as you complete your silver squad, automatically put up any bronze player cards you get for sale. This will save you a lot of coins.

You are not always lucky and some players will not find buyers. But give this solution a chance, because it’s an absolute foundation. It is definitely better to try to cash in on cards that you no longer need, which you won’t use, instead of keeping them aimlessly.

Invest in Team of the Week (TOTW) players

Each week, EA selects the FUT Team of the Week, TOTW (Team of the Week). They are the players who have done the best in real pitches. Their cards are very rare and therefore extremely expensive.

The method is based on buying such cards at an early stage and then selling them after some time when their value is higher. It’s a bit like an investment, which is almost always a good choice – especially if you’re a beginner to FUT.

Take part in building an SBC (Squad Building Challenges)

Squad Building Challenges are one of the best ways to get rich quick in FUT. However, achieving the set goals is only one, more obvious method. If you are smart, you will find out which cards may be useful to others for completing tasks and then put them on the transfer market. You will be surprised how many coins you can get for well-matched players. Whenever new challenges arise, always check to see if you have the right cards to offer.

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